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Autoimmune Disorders Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS Therapy

Updated: Jan 2

Many know me for my ability to get people optimized and upgraded, but not everyone knows my love and passion for working with autoimmune disorders. Nothing stirs my passion to help more than a person who has ongoing issues that their Dr cannot help with. Medicine is not the answer and only brings partial symptomatic relief. I have worked with these conditions and happy to say I have successfully found a way to enrich my clients lives by ongoing therapy designed for each case. All cases differ, no two patients are the same but many experience the same type of symptoms in different parts of the body.

in 2019-2020 I dedicated one full year to MS pro-bono work of weekly therapy to learn about the condition and it's triggers. This gave me greater compassion for the clients and also helped me understand so much about the body and how it works to protect itself from internal or external threats. I believe this is why I am so versed with muscular and neurological dysfunctions. These types of cases involve a lot of patience, prayer, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The beneficial outcome is always positive!

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