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Optimize Athletic Performance for any game at any level
With Sports Massage before, during, or after event

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I work with Professional Athletes of all levels to help optimize movement, prevent injuries, or rehab recurring issues from old injuries that did not heal properly. My meticulous applications are accurate and involve critical thinking to solve many muscular issues. As I tell all the NFL Athletes I work with, Don't gamble with the only Body you have. Invest the time to upgrade it with regular therapies that get You results! I am also available for travel.

Chair and Sports Massage is available on site at various Golf Courses for private events or personal hire. Whether you have a group function or personal play, Sports Massage will prepare your muscles and help you recover post game. Please reach out to discuss number of therapists and hours requested. All Therapists are trained in Sports Massage to help your body excel in your game.

Look for us at the upcoming PGA Tours


An untreated injury can lead to Postural Imbalances.

I can help by creating muscle pliability and space within affected muscle compartments. This will ensure that the injured site is not being pulled, stressed, and further compromised.

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