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Learn about whole body upgrades and why it is imperative 


Integrative Specialty Healing
available in Las Vegas & Now CA

At Holistic Sports Rehab Advanced Muscular Therapy extends past relaxation and conventional therapy to provide Whole-Body healing. Sessions are designed to help improve movement functionality and correct or alleviate chronic pain.

Soft tissue injuries both old or new can be remedied through meticulous and precise techniques that I have designed through my 14-years as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Sessions with me are a healing journey and not just a service. Because the immune system is always working to "self-correct" problems within the body, good results can be achieved as soon as first treatment. I want to offer all the educational support  on self help remedies that take my clients to the next level of healing.


How does Holistic Sports Rehab compare to other wellness establishments?

Holistic Sports Rehab is Licensed for Healthcare and Social Services, in addition to Massage Therapy to add even  on greater benefits.

All Therapy is results oriented with a physical action plan to bring about the best results. Many of my clients are Professional Athletes, Medical Doctors, Celebrities, Poker players, and various walks of life.






Professional Athletes! Take Your performance to the next level and prevent injuries with consistent muscle pliability treatments

Mina Marissa Garcia 

NVMT #4979


 Marissa Garcia works   By Appointment ONLY! 
Prior to calling please have an idea of session length and style you would like to schedule. Please leave a detailed message if you are sent to voicemail. All texts should include your  name and  type of therapy you would like to schedule. If you are interested on booking an on-site treatment at your hotel please state name of hotel, tower and time frame so accommodations can be considered.
Holistic Sports Rehab LIC#2008497-062-101  

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