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Next level Muscular Therapy

Advanced Muscular Therapy extends past relaxation and conventional therapy to provide Whole-Body healing. My sessions are designed to help improve movement functionality and alleviate chronic pain. Did you know that Your body is continually healing? Our immune system is constantly defending, healing, and working to regulate normal function. In a society where stress and Pandemic uncertainties are causing heightened problems, My Holistic Rehab has become essential.

In Traditional Physical Therapy, injury is determined by functional movement restrictions. In my specialized bodywork, sessions are taken one step further by also assessing the Neurological Function. Because I am a Board Certified Massage Therapist, you can be assured that the clinical body work you receive will be provided in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.


I have seen an increase in Patients who suffer from extreme back and arm pain that will not stop, causing inabilities to sleep throughout the night. When seen by their MD's they are given no conclusive answers. In order for a Specialist to understand why this is happening, one has to have a profound study of the Muscles and The Central Nervous System (CNS).

Why does pain happen?

The CNS controls most functions of the body and mind. It consists of two parts, the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is the center of our thoughts, the interpreter of the external environment, and the origin of control over movement.

Our CNS acquires information through our senses, processes information and then triggers reactions--such as making you move your muscles or causing tightness and inflammation in order to protect you. In theory, the CNS is the body's alert system; releasing pain and inflammation in order to stop you from creating further injury. To prevent this panic-attack, we must identify the inhibitors and inactivate them.

How can I help?

I continuously study the brain, nerves and associations of pain-patterns to create techniques that help release the reactive triggers. So how does this take place? I learn what is causing a negative effect in your body and then apply neurological techniques that shut off the reactive responders. All of my clients appreciate my knowledge and determination to use various healing strategies--I do not offer cookie cutter therapy. Call me today so we can discuss your personal needs.  I commit my practice to educating my clients through  a "Map of Healing" at home and through our session. You receive more than just bodywork, you get invaluable knowledge that can help you live pain-free.

A WHOLE-body and mind approach is more effective than the traditional recovery methods. I encourage a consistent commitment to healing--it is YOUR BODY and YOU'RE in charge of keeping your body thriving or depressed.

I offer a Wellness Journey-not just a service

Advanced Muscular Therapy is designed in a Relaxed and Comfortable environment with the highest Client Standards in Mind. A lot of consideration should be given when hiring a Muscular Therapist.


Please take the time to read all of the content  I have provided to determine whether we are an ideal fit for one another. As a Therapist, I too am selective about my Clientele. I adopt a Quality over Quantity approach in order to continue loving what I do. If you are not the ideal fit for my practice I will happily refer you to someone better for you.

IV Hydration Therapy

Learn about Hydration Therapy and how it helped me recover!



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