Stretch Therapy

Assisted Stretch has become popular because everyone wants the benefits without having to do any of the work.  If you work out regularly or play sports that demand a lot from your body please take the time to give your body what it needs. I recommend a thorough stretch session at least once per month to create space withing your muscles. I use stability bands and have a long and wide stretching table for athletes. You will enjoy receiving this amazing assisted stretch session! Must wear yoga or gym clothes! flexibility is not required :)

30 min $60

60 min $ 120

Postural Rehab

This is  my most popular session and  has given me 5 stars on Yelp with wonderful reviews. I incorporate various techniques that I have learned in Injury Recovery courses, and  some I have created along the way. I take the time to assess your muscular alignment, postural habits, and regular activities to design a protocol just for you. I work with mild to moderate Scoliosis and have gotten very good results for patients with Chronic pain.  Sustained and deep pressure is applied so some discomfort is expected. You can expect to stand taller, appear toner, and feel the best you have in a long time! Everyone should do this session even if you don't have major issues.  This is the NEXT LEVEL THERAPY!

60 min $170

90 min $220                (6ft1 & Taller $30 extra)

120 min $350

Sports Massage

Massage applied at various speeds during different stages of competition. Sports Massage is effective in breaking up lactic acid and moving it out of the muscles which aids in faster recovery and less fatigue. A combination of stretch therapy can be combined with this modality for even better results. All levels welcome!

60 min $150

90 min $210

Hot Stones Massage

Completely unwind and indulge in one of the most popular modalities requested in the massage industry for it's relaxing benefits. I use a combination of Salt Stones, Basalt, and River Rocks. There is nothing more harmonizing than being rubbed by the earth's lovely minerals. Slow and long strokes using hands and Stones are applied in a lymphatic direction to help aid toxin movement. Hot towel and Aromatherapy wraps will comfort your feet to give you the full rest escape.

60 min $145

90 min $175

120 min $290

Western Thai Massage

Using the same principles of traditional Thai, I incorporate very slow and sustained movements to help the body achieve full relaxation. Rocking motions cradle all of the systems and take you to a sedated state of mind.  Energy meridians and energy zones are manipulated to re-energize your muscles, mind, and body. I use a very wide and long Stretch table. Yoga or loose and moveable clothes are required through out the session because there is a lot of stretch and second body contact. In Deep Tissue Combo sessions, I will step out and allow you to remove your clothes to continue with the massage.

60 min $150

90 min combo $190

120 min combo with hot stones $325

Injury Recovery

If you have recently injured yourself and feel pain, decreased range of motion, and difficulty enjoying your lifestyle, I can help. Depending on the severity of injury, I may need a Medical Release to treat. Injury Recovery works all of the neighboring muscles affected, or treats the localized injury site. I incorporate Various techniques, will use tools, and healing techniques. REST is not REHAB, so if you don't take action in speeding recovery you can actually injure other muscles via over compensation. My treatment helps speed up recovery so that you can enjoy all of the things you like to do. Treatment  can be broken up into shorter and more frequent sessions depending on the injury.

60 min $150 (2 sites)

90 min $200 (upper and lower)

$120 min $310-  assesses whole body muscular integrity for secondary injuries and releases any inhibitors.

30 min sessions (1 area) $60

25 min $50  for weekly treatment plan--must purchase 4 treatments in advance and use within one month.

Migraine Relief- I work all of the restrictive areas that may be located on the face, head, neck to release the pressure of a tension headache or migraine.

30 min $60

Stiff Neck Relief- includes Neck Releases, Assisted stretch, and isolation of muscles. This session is administered in seated position to get you best results.

20 min $45

Plantar or Ankle release- great for runners or anyone who have issues with their feet. I combine stretch, activation exercises to restore balance to the feet.

20 min $40

Fat Sculpting and Cellulite Treatment- Want to see better results from your work outs? I offer toning therapy that helps move more water from fat cells which provides that immediate slimmer appearance. The massage techniques and oils that I use produce muscle tone and skin tightness. Perfect for Bikini season or Competitive Events. Please ask for more details.

Add on 30 min $75

Full body Sculpt 60 mi $160

Tennis or Golfers Elbow- One of the greatest problems that golfers encounter is the tension that builds up in the forearms and strains the shoulder range of motion. Because the forearm and shoulder is very involved in all actions I must treat both areas. I have helped many achieve a better swing.

30 min $70

60 min $150

Add Hot Stones to any session $25

 Add Infrared or High Frequency for pain relief $25 

Face Massage-  For TMJ or anyone who gets frequent headaches. Relieve pain and enjoy the face toning and tightening benefits. You get an immediate Face lift while also releasing all of the tension that can trigger head aches.

30 min $60

May be added on to any treatment  15 min $30

In home Therapy Sessions are available within McDonald Ranch, Seven Hills, Anthem or Inspirada. I bring a Portable table, Linen, Stool, and all supplies necessary to help you relax. Must be a down stairs set up with plenty ventilation and  space to move freely. I am a dog lover but dogs hate rolling carts with wheels and will be triggered to bark incessantly- for my safety I request that dogs be put away :) Thank You

60 min $210

90 min $260

120 min $490

I offer chair massage for special events, parties, office staff, golf events, etc  @$2 per minute and an initial set up/travel fee.

Please note that all of my sessions are for therapeutic benefits ONLY! I will not engage nor accept any inappropriate requests, comments, or illegal advancements. Any such behavior will result in immediate termination of session and full payment is required. Police Reports will be filed in situations that threaten my safety as a Licensed Practitioner or where the clients treatment is interrupted for inappropriate behavior and then fails to pay full amount of session.