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Please note that new cases require additional time for assessment and communication, therefore longer booking time is recommended for hands on time. I price by results and level of work I can achieve in certain time frames not by the hour.

Neurotherapy Specialty Modality

  • Patients in Remission, Diabetes, MS, and other Medical conditions may suffer from lack of circulation resulting in pain or pins and needles sensations. This is due to lack of oxygen and adequate blood supply that carry nutrients to the muscles. Neuropathy is very uncomfortable and can cause many issues for the body. Receiving regular therapy can minimize pain, discomfort and aid in increased circulation and mobility $150/60

Stretch Therapy

  • Whole body Assisted Stretch has become popular because everyone wants the benefits without having to do any of the work.  If you work out regularly or play sports that demand a lot from your body please take the time to give your body what it needs. I recommend a thorough stretch session at least once per month to create space within your muscles. I use stability bands and have a long and wide stretching table for athletes. You will enjoy receiving this amazing assisted stretch session! Must wear yoga or gym clothes! flexibility is not required :) DOES not include massage.

        Different from stretch studios as I spend time assessing movement restrictions and muscle guards then release them so you can move freely.

        60 min $ 150

Postural Rehab- Specialty Modality

  • Most requested session that has  given me 5 stars on Yelp with wonderful reviews. I incorporate various techniques that I have learned in Injury recovery courses, self rehab and created along the way which I named the Postural Reset Method. I take the time to assess your muscular alignment, postural habits, and compensation patterns to design the right protocol.  Everyone can benefit from this session because I pull out all the techniques to whip up a whole-fix it session.  Old and new injuries receive specific treatment to help remedy physical problems. You can expect to stand taller, appear toner, reinstate range of motion with less pain and feel amazing in just one session! After I reorganize the muscles from various compartments, I massage the muscles with sustained pressure and soothe them for added pliability. Everyone should try this session even if you don't have major issues.  This is the NEXT LEVEL THERAPY!  Frequent Sessions are recommended for old postural patterns as more time may be needed in acute or painful areas.

        60 min $225

        90 min $285(6ft3&Taller $30 extra)

        120 min $450

Sports Massage -Specialty Modality

  • If You are training like an athlete then you need to recover like one....

       Sports Massage has been proven to eliminate injuries and aids in  recovery needed to keep athletes in top condition. Breaking up lactic acid by         moving it out of the muscles aids in faster recovery and less fatigue. A combination of stretch therapy is combined for even better results. 

        Muscles are assessed for injury and fatigue to prevent new or recurring injuries. All levels welcome! Multi session recommended for active athletes

        60 min $195 (age 16 or younger $130 hr

        90 min $250( 6ft1 or taller  $30 extra)

        120 min $380

VEGAS GLOW with Hot stones $ Sustained Pressure Massage

  • Completely unwind and indulge in one of the most pampering modalities  in the massage industry for it's relaxing benefits. Organic salt scrub is mixed with aromatherapy, black seed oil, and coconut to exfoliate and allow for deep conditioning of the skin. Hot towels are applied to clean and remove all residue revealing glowing skin. Hot oil will continue to smooth the canvas to allow a melodic movement of the hot stones and the deep pressure massage.

      60 min $180

      90 min $220

      120 min $330


Injury Recovery Acute - Specialty Modality


  • If you have recently injured yourself and feel pain, decreased range of motion, and difficulty enjoying your lifestyle, I can help. Depending on the severity of injury, I may need a Medical Release to treat. Injury Recovery works all of the neighboring muscles affected, or treats the localized injury site. I incorporate Various techniques, will use tools, and healing techniques. REST is not REHAB, so if you don't take action in speeding recovery you can actually injure other muscles via over compensation. My treatment helps speed up recovery so that you can enjoy all of the things you like to do. Treatment  can be broken up into shorter and more frequent sessions depending on the injury. Multiple sessions are recommended based on assessment of muscle energy and integrity.

       60 min $185(one treatment site)

       90 min $250 (2 treatment sites)

       120 min $385-  assesses whole body muscular integrity for secondary injuries and releases any inhibitors.

*Weekly discounts may be offered discussed after first treatment

The  Whole Body Upgrade!

  • This session is quickly becoming my most popular session by travelers and locals who have not received therapy for a long time or don't take the time to properly care for themselves. This session is ideal for the client who plays hard or works very tiring hours and does not want to change their lifestyle. I pull out all of my specialized techniques to give you better results in one session. Although consistency will always give you the best results, this plan is designed to give you everything to upgrade your body in one session. 

  • Expect to be undone and then put back together in a session that utilizes a combination of various treatments into one.

     $320/ 1.5 hours      $470/2hrs      price is based on quality of work and not time


  • Curated for the long traveler or the person who wants the ultimate package of Therapeutics and pampering. Phase 1 begins with a full body assessment, stretch, active releases and reinstating muscle energy. Neurological movements and brain connection will relieve the body of any pain or movement restrictions. Phase 2 will introduce the body to greater relaxation that starts with organic salt scrub and aromatherapy of choice, leaving the skin exfoliated, able to breathe, and glowing. The hot stones and hand massage will continue to soothe any exhausted muscles. At this point your body feels incredible and you don't want it to end so you turn over to continue the melodic massage strokes followed by the amazing face, scalp, and foot massage. Ladies if you really want to show your man how special he is, this is the best session for that!

        2 hours $600

Golfers Activate Your Swing!

  • Gripping the club too tight can result in injury or strain to the wrists, forearms, and the shoulder. Repeatedly swinging the club in one direction can create compensating issues for the side that is not swinging. The constant postural imbalance will limit pelvic movement and cause restrictions on both sides of the body. Many gofers complain about back, hips, shoulders and elbows. I help golfers release those areas of tension to alleviate pain.

  • Learn how to optimize your swing for better aim and injury prevention.


      90 min $ 280

      120 min $ 480

Short Sessions available to al existing clients for on going corrective therapies-not for general public.

  • Headache or Migraine Relief

      Headaches caused by Muscle tension are relieved by finding the compressive restrictions within the Face and neck.

       30 min $75

Stiff Neck Relief

  • includes Neck Releases, Assisted stretch, and isolation of muscles. This session is administered in seated position to get you best results.

      30 min $85

Foot & Ankle release

  • great for runners or anyone who have issues with their feet. Many problems begin at the feet and compromise your gait, hip movement, and can even throw off your upper body. I combine stretch, activation exercises and fascia scraping to soften bundles of scar tissue.

      30 min $80          Taping Add $10 extra


  • Want to lift your cheekbones and brows  but hate needles?  This is the perfect session for anyone who wants to restore a youthful appearance by softening the facial dermis.  Relax on a hot table while the combination of Aromatherapy, Guasha, and Myofascial techniques are applied.

      30min including scalp massage $100

      60 minute including neck and shoulder massage $175

Body contouring and Slimming Bodywork involves high frequency and cavitation to eliminate water from the fat cell, creating a water weight loss appearance. Madera massage techniques are applied to soften and contour fatty areas. Rigorous manual massage is applies to smooth and tone skin. An aromatherapy blend is used to move circulation.


  • Upper Leg and Buttocks $180

  • package of 5 one area $800

  • Stomach and love handles $180

  • Back and bra area $180

Salt Scrub Detox & Exfoliation Therapy

  • Remove layers of dead skin while relaxing and soothing the nervous system. All Products used are organic, smell amazing, and leave your skin with a supple healthy glow. Our Skin is the largest organ and taking very good care of it will give you a more youthful and healthy appearance. After application a shower may be necessary to smoothly apply the sensuous body butter with hot stones. Relax, refresh, and get MASSAGE DRUNK :)

      60 min $160


In home Therapy Sessions are available in Southern Highlands and certain areas of Las Vegas. I bring a Portable table, Linen, Stool, and all supplies necessary to help you relax. Must be a down stairs set up with plenty ventilation and  space to move freely. I am a dog lover but dogs hate rolling carts with wheels and will be triggered to bark incessantly- for my safety I request that dogs be put away :) Thank You

60 min $250   Discounts offered for homes that have a table set up in their home

       90 min $350

       120 min $475

Hotel In-Suite Services

  • I travel to all 5 Star Hotels on the Strip, due to Valet fees or accessibility of Hotel some prices may differ. In Suite therapies are considered luxury services and is charged at a premium for convenience.

  • Cosmo $260 per hour

  • Aria $260 per hour

  • MGM $270 per hour

  • Resort Worlds $270 hr

  • Waldorf Astoria $250 hr

  • Bellagio $250 hr

  • Vadara $270 hr

  • Wynn Tower Suites $270 hr  only available in suites that have massage table

  • Encore Tower Suites $270 hr same as above

Chair Massage or pool and private events call for multi- therapists and pricing

Please note that all of my sessions are for therapeutic benefits ONLY! I will not engage nor accept any inappropriate requests, comments, or illegal advancements. Any such behavior will result in immediate termination of session and full payment is required. Police Reports will be filed in situations that threaten my safety as a Licensed Practitioner or where the clients treatment is interrupted for inappropriate behavior and then fails to pay full amount of session.

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