Thinking about smoothing out those uneven fat bulges, or cellulite dimpling?

There are various ways to help You achieve your goals.

Whether you are prepping for your summer body or just wanting to smooth out stretch marks-we can help

Sessions are available in a very relaxing and zen dimmed environment not a sterile medical room.

Options Available


Madera Therapy has proven to smooth and tone skin while improving the appearance of cellulite. By repetitive use of wooden and Gua-Sha tools, we can achieve visible results. This is a more natural approach and requires more treatments than use of medical devices.

Viora Reaction-received popularity on the Kardashian Show and is regularly used to shape, sculpt, tighten, smooth cellulite, reduce fat masses caused by liposuction, reduce appearance of stretch marks, tone legs, arms, reduce back fat etc.

Face treatments include wrinkle treatment of eyes, forehead, facial contouring of jawline, jowls, and cheeks. Don't like botox? this will give you the same appearance in a more natural approach.

Face-Lift Massage is a glorious massage applications designed to smooth the skin, move lymph, reduce eye bags, reduce tension in the jaw, temporal, and head muscles. A scalp massage perfectly compliments this session.

Relax and enjoy 30 or 60 blissful minutes of this decadent treatment.