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Body Sculpting provided by Marissa is a very thorough and meticulous application of Cupping, Cavitation, Scraping, Lymphatic Massage as well as Deep muscle molding techniques. You can expect to achieve noticeable results in muscle tone, tighter skin, and muscle fiber distortion to encourage new collagen production.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Are treatments painful and will I see bruises?

I work rigorously and sometimes that will feel very tender especially in the fattier areas. But it is not like Madera therapy and since I am a certified and trained Massage therapist, I am very careful of how I massage without causing too much bruising. Many body sculpters are not licensed massage therapist and only learn how to massage for a couple of weekends without being licensed. They do create a lot of bruising because they are not fully trained.

2. How soon can I see results?

Results are noticeable in the first session and water weight-loss is possible giving a lighter feeling and over all slimming effect. Multiple sessions create a better result but I have helped many kick off their weight loss journey through just one session.

3. Why is it important to drink so much water prior and after session?

It is recommended that 2L of water be consumed to ensure your body responds well to cavitation and high frequency therapies. Water also helps move as much of the stagnant inflammation in the fat cells which will aid in giving a slimming effect.

4. What is the after care?

it is recommended that you work out or spend at least 15-30 minutes in any physical activity for 3 days following treatment. This will help stimulate metabolism and elimination of extra watery substance that is moved during fat cell shrinkage. The fat cell shrinks because the water is forced out creating a smaller fat cell.

5. How often should I do body sculpting?

6 weekly sessions per area is the recommended amount in order to smooth cellulite, redefine the muscles and increase muscle tone which will help the body look better. It is proven that clients who do 6 sessions feel more confident and stick to a wellness program. 

What is Face Lift Massage and what can it do for me?

Face lift Massage encompasses a variety of gentle and feel good techniques that naturally help lift and smooth the muscles of the face. Many clients will see the brows lift because of the Fascia that is pulled from the cranium and scalp. Sinus and nasal passages are opened allowing better breathing.


Some TMJ clients have noticed less pain or discomfort  and better sleep throughout the night. It is one of those treatments you wish every aesthetician performed with facials. 

The anterior neck and decolletage is wrapped in a hot aromatherapy compress towel prior to massage :) Feels AMAZING!

What is the added Scalp Massage?

Scalp Massage gently pulls the fascia of the scalp and neck to move muscles of the face into a more lifted position. In addition, it is very relaxing and helps relieve tension that builds on lateral and frontal lobes of the cranium. Accupoints of the head are stimulated and relaxing massage is applied to help soothe an anxious body and mind.

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