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TMJ is an agonizing and painful condition that can impede quality of sleep. Many people have not been educated on self care and what types of therapy can help unlock the issues. TMJ headaches and neck strains will interrupt daily activities or keep you home from work. I have designed a perfect restoration application that helps release the fascia, eliminate head and built up sinus pressures while toning your skin.Get results that last longer than the medication you take, by correcting the problem. As with any other muscular issues, TMJ therapy works best with consistent care.

Face Lift Massage Benefits:

~Addresses the lymph nodes and moves lymphatics in the face to subdue puffiness. ~Restores skin integrity by drenching skin with oxygen, blood supply, and nutrients. ~Releases sinus compression and drains any mucus build up that can leave blockages in nasal cavity to help you breathe better

~Releases anterior and lateral neck discomfort

~Resets the Fascia in the base of scalp to give better range of motion

~Resets equilibrium in the ears

~Can help with Vertigo

Body Smoothing Benefits

~Move Lymph to reduce bloat, eliminate water, and smooth the skin

~tighten skin by use of cellulite applications

~Stomach Massage aids in digestion, constipation discomfort, and diaphragm tension

~Tools are used to break up adhesion or scar tissue from liposuction and or tummy tucks

~even out the silhouette with deep molding massage to tone muscles

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