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Trying to lose pandemic weight or have a special event you want to look your best for?

I have created a sequence of treatments into one session to get you the very best results! All for $175 (back or stomach) or $975 for pack of 6 which can be used on multiple areas.

A combination of cellulite treatments and body contouring are available to help you reach your goals

Madera Contouring is a method used to soften the appearance of cellulite and fascia by rigorously breaking adhesion fat cell bundles. This method can be applied to large areas of fat such as back, stomach, legs, and buttocks.

Ultrasonic Cavitation helps by separating and shrinking the fat cell. When combined with diet and exercise, Cavitation can yield very good results. This non-invasive application smooths and tones skin while moving lymphatic fluids. Some bruising may occur.

High Frequency Treatments are used to heat up the fat cells and move extra fluid or inflammation. The client will experience a warm sensation and as it tones it also softens the tight muscles.

Cupping and Guasha scraping is used to break up scar tissue and move extracellular fluids. A gentle massage-like glide is used to help contour and encourage a silhouette shape.

Infrared Sauna is used to heat up the body in order to remedy the body of toxins and also aids in water weight loss. Hydration during treatment is important.

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