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Postural imbalances can be caused by numerous things such as sleeping on a bad mattress or being sedentary. When muscles pull out of range they can cause strain on neighboring or antagonistic muscle groups.

The longer they pull on each other the greater the dysfunction. I work with acute or chronic pain caused by muscle imbalances. I do not manipulate joints or bones, I will refer you to a collaborating Chiropractor for that. But I will create space within muscle compartments so that you can function without pain. Compensation patterns can be found on opposite ends of the body and that is why a whole-body assessment and application  is recommended.

I work with Scoliosis at any level whether Congenital Scoliosis present from birth, Neuromuscular Scoliosis caused by muscular weakness or disease, Functional Scoliosis caused by bad postural and compensation patterns, injuries, or muscle spasms. Bodywork has shown to improve pain and posture from this condition when treated once to twice weekly. Patients who receive regular bodywork will reduce pain, increase movement functionality and help restore better posture.


Elena Came in due to chronic and severe pain in the pelvic area. She was unaware of the upper body imbalance.
Looking at the upper image you can see that the left shoulder sits in an abnormal position. After one session I was able to get her shoulder to move a few degrees back to a normal position allowing her greater range of motion and less strain on her neck. This was after addressing the lower body.


Postural Rehab Results
scoliosis before and after.jpg
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