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What is Medical Massage?

  • Medical Massage uses unique massage techniques that target the area of the body affected by an injury. If the therapists is skilled he or she can unlock and rehab acute or chronic issues related to injuries allowing the body to restart the healing process. Because our immune system is always working to heal our bodies, you are always capable of healing. You do not need to live in severe pain because with consistent therapies we can reset the pain cycles.

How does Medical Massage differ from regular massages?

  • Spa Massages may temporarily relax you from stress but Medical massage will produce long lasting tangible results. Treatments plans are designed with a specific  goal of remedying the injury and protecting neighboring sites from new injuries. This is achieved by muscle pliability. When muscles are pliable and have freedom to move, restrictions and strains are obsolete.

Who can benefit from Medical Massage?

  • anyone who has had old injuries that never healed properly

  • Athletes who have recurring injuries from not receiving thorough healing and continue layering on more stress or overuse of muscles

  • Oncology Survivors

  • Burn victims

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Whip lash victims

What is Postural Rehab and what can I expect?

I designed the Postural Reset Method, that reorganizes whole-body muscle patterns using sequenced techniques that I have found to be very effective. 90 mins or longer is advised for new clients to give me plenty of time to restructure the alignment of muscles. There is no need for chiropractic work because this treatment moves the muscles that organize the bones.

  • Sessions include whole body restriction releases, muscle activation, sustained pressure massage and stretches. In some cases, I utilize glided cupping and fascia scraping when muscle adhesion is tight and won't loosen. You can expect to feel less pain, leaner and more toned with increased range of motion on your first session. Multiple sessions are recommended for severe postural dysfunctions. After amazing results are achieved it is recommended that you see me once every couple of months for maintain a harmonious body. These recommendations vary from person to person.

Celebrity Professional Dancer Postural Rehab results

Medical Massage of Scoliosis before and after
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