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What is Sports Massage and how does it differ from regular massage?

Sports Massage has been the leader in physical preparation and recovery during all levels of competitive sports. Regular massage is used for relaxations and does not correct or reduce a muscular problem. Both modalities offer stress reduction but Sports Massage incorporate techniques superior to regular massage that focus on loosening muscular adhesion thereby increasing the muscle torque required to fire up the action. 

The right sequence of techniques applied with precision and accuracy will optimize the athletes ability to move faster with less risk of injury. In any professional sport, hiring the right therapist can help keep you in the game longer and make you stronger.

Holistic Sports Rehab

includes a variety of manual therapy interventions to prepare an athlete for competition, enhance performance, and provide remedial applications to help recovery or reduce future injuries. In many sequences of integrated therapy neuroplasticity can be attained. This amazing  response assists in unlearning bad habits and relearning  new habits to reprogram the paths of pain and healing. 

Full body and partial stretch protocols, Chair Massage, Taping, and percussion therapy is available for all private events. Muscle Activation and Energy Assessments available before and during competition. In some cases therapists can follow competitors throughout the course of their game.

Advanced Reservation is required for multiple Male and Female Therapists.

Why hire our team for your next event?

Our Therapists are pleasant,  professional, educated, and well versed in specialty modalities which will impress your team or guests.


Having a private golf event or enjoying the greens with friends? ChairApeutics is the perfect way to optimize your muscles and play your best round of golf

Professional Golfers
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