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How Can Neuro Muscular Massage help Parkinson's?

Parkinson's Disease is a progressive disease that chronically affects the brain and function of nerve cells that produce the dopamine chemical which is responsible for movement and coordination. Although the Medical experts understand what is happening to the body in relationship to Parkinson's and why, there is a gap in their beliefs of how to help holistically.

In my work with Parkinson's clients, I help reduce tremors within the first 15-20 minutes of body work. A very stiff and body with muscle contractions and involuntary muscle movements is quieted and relaxed within the first 30 minutes. This allows the clients to feel their body as normal as it can be, many of the benefits last at least one week which is small for the population who does not have this condition, but life changing for the person with the condition.

How am I able to get these results for Parkinson's patients?

Because the brain and the central nervous system work together or opposite of each other where there is a present disease. I have learned how to effectively work with the central nervous system to alter certain pathways of communication to the brain in order to disable or enable certain involuntary and voluntary actions. When the person begins to entrust me with their body and their expectations of healing is reached, the brain can start producing dopamine and serotonin. These two chemical reactions give us the feel good, relaxed and pain free feeling. I also re-energize muscles that are atrophied and the client is able to perform better movements.

Is this science based? of course not, the best things for humanity will never receive adequate funding to make them science based. All of my work is Results-based. I help people learn to love their bodies by reintroduction to the body-mind- nervous system connection.

Imagine if patients get regular therapy, what could the outcome be? We already know we can manually turn off reactors in the brain and we can initiate other patterns to help the body move again, regular bodywork can help many conditions.

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