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Why Deep Tissue does not correct muscular problems

Updated: Jan 10

You may have heard that Deep Tissue massages are the most effective when it comes to pain relief, in fact most athletes still rely on that modality for lack of knowledge. Now this may come as a shock to most people, but the saying "no pain, no gain" is wrong when addressing pain management.

The very popular modality is outdated and newer more effective protocols have evolved. In my twelve years of practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I have discovered a very important element to recovery and pain reduction. Working neurologically and learning how to comfort the nervous system while creating a mind and body awareness yields a high ROI.

My protocol does not attack the body while it is under pressure, stress, or injury. Instead I learned how to shut off all of the pain cycles and earn the trust of the body to my hands. Once the body trusts that I will not attack it, the guards and tension will reduce. We cannot add tension to an already tense body and expect great results. Instead we will release more stress toxins into the body as it tries to block and defend itself against very deep pressure.

The reason this happens is because the body is already on heightened alert and it is designed to protect itself against further damage.

This is why most athletes feel their best after 2-3 days of receiving a Deep Tissue, once the body is no longer sore. It makes no sense to me, why wouldn't you want to feel amazing and with less pain that same day? If the therapist is not getting you better results on the same day of treatment, find another therapist.

My method has been helping many people of all walks of life feel their best immediately. I have designed methods that are gentle and comforting. This approach will allow the body to release the pain while accepting the correction it needs.

Why is this not being taught to Massage therapists and why do they still continue selling Deep tissue massage as the best option?

Well, the answer lies in experience and continued education. Massage schools do not properly prepare therapists for specialty services nor do they teach new modalities. It is at the therapists sole discretion to pursue further education in specialty modalities. Spas continue selling Deep Tissue because why fix what is not broken, they sell big and so they don't need to spend more money in training their therapist something new. It is the reason I love educating the public of something better. Healing is a journey and we continue learning how to heal the body. Each day your body is working tirelessly at healing itself from environmental, emotional or physical stressors. Together we can find what is triggering more stress and inhibiting healing so that you can get the best outcome.


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