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Why didn't my doctor recommend restoration therapy for my pain?

There is a major gap between body work and the healthcare industry. Unfortunately massage has not been widely accepted as anything other than relaxation. The deception lies in the fact that many doctors are not familiar with the newer modalities which have been correcting physical dysfunction for decades. When I work on a primary or pain management doctor they become the student and I am the educator. They are able to experience what they had no idea existed, a physical upgrade. Their surprise and astonishment to what their own postural dysfunction was creating from long hours of practice comes to an end. There are so many questions as to why this type of therapy is not more readily available within the healthcare system. The truth is that there is no way for the healthcare industry to marginalize profit and so the investment on evidence-based research is not provided for holistic body work. Many doctors who have received my therapy agree that there is a need for more holistic approaches within the medical field. Many have suggested that I contact hospitals, Primary Care and other medical resources to speak more on this topic. I am hoping that more Holistic therapists get involved with spreading education about restorative therapies and not just relaxation. When you are a skilled therapist who helps people walk, move, work without pain medication, your value is greater than the basic knowledge of relaxation massage. I will do my best to inspire the medical society about the importance of referring skilled body workers to their patients.

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